National Event of the Age of Hope (Second-Step)

National Event of the Age of Hope (Second Step)

National Event of the Age of Hope (Second Step)

Representatives of the Age of Hope event (Second Step)

Mohammad Javad Ghane


Senior GIS Developer, AI and Forex Market Analyst

Masoud Mottaghi

GIS Expert

Civil and GIS expert

What is the National Event of the Age of Hope?

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Azad University, an exhibition of companies, start-ups and ideas including a thousand companies, a thousand start-ups and a thousand ideas was organized, which was called the Age of Hope (second step). One of the features mentioned for this exhibition was the visit of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and ministers to the booths of the participants, a space of seven square meters for creative companies, and so on.
Of course, without proper management, none of the promises were fulfilled, and this exhibition or so-called event was one of the worst and most useless events in the country, which was just a show of the authority of Iranian companies. None of the facilities were provided for the companies and 99% of the companies did not meet their demands.

Achievements of Modern Andishan Jay Company in the National Event of the Age of Hope (Second Step)

The achievements of this event can be described as follows:
1- Introducing three products based on astrolabe knowledge (stock predictor with artificial intelligence), Sama (real estate spatial information system) and smart operator (system based on image processing for security affairs and system control without the need for hardware)

2- Meeting new friends and colleagues from Sepid Khoshe Naghshe Jahan Company, Tose Andishan Isfahan Company and Pars Kelend Asia Company were among the very good achievements.

3- Writing a contract and memorandum with the Islamic Azad University of Bushehr, with the accompanying delegation of Dr. Soroush Heidari, the esteemed president of the university and the director of security of the university, to create and strengthen the protection and security system of the university.

4- Writing a memorandum of understanding with the Free University of Mashhad for the security systems of conference halls and university buses

5- Contract and implementation of SEJAD project (data collection system) with 3rah company in Shiraz

6- Cooperation in content production, SEO and website optimization (multilingual and adding capabilities) to the website of Pars Kaland Asia Company

News interview with Sports Radio

In this news interview with the CEO of Modern Andishan Jay, they talked about the applications of GIS in relation to sports:

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We came to Tehran from Isfahan, the most beautiful city in the world, to participate in the national event of the Age of Hope (second step). Tehran is a big and busy city where most of its jobs are service providers. The city is devoid of humanity, everyone is looking for money. However, good people were also found there. The air pollution was rampant and it was not a city to live in but a good city to work and earn money. The disappearance of Iran can be seen carefully by seeing its different cities.

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