Leave your UI & UX to the Modern Andishan Jay Company​

Modern Andishan Jay Company actually performs all software projects with high quality for customers.

You can also see some of the prototypes done by being more comfortable in choosing.

Best Customers:
UI Elements Kit

Perfect beauty with JayLib!

The JayLib library is an open source library with web-based technology that includes a complete package of everything a web developer and frontend developer might need, Like beautiful UI Elements for buttons, forms, text, boxes and …

FrontEnd & Backend Development

Everything in your mind is possible!

Any idea you have for your business or others can be achieved with any financial ability! Just select us …
Modern Andishan Jay Company operates in various IT fields, such as:

24/7 Support

We are always responsive in the online chat system of the website.

Our Colleagues

Our team is a collection of top IT scholars with the goal of serving our customers.

On Time

Due to the fact that customers' time and their forecasts for the future are very important, it is not possible to delay the delivery of our projects.


For the convenience of customers, in addition to cash payments, the company can also do your projects in installments by receiving a receipt.

Always Updated

It is not possible for us to do a project with an old version of technology unless you want to.

Daily Report

A daily report of all activities related to your project is sent to you every day.

Users Dashboard

Convenience of managing services with Jay Dashboard

Given that the services of Modern Andishan J are very diverse and numerous, we need a practical and simple management dashboard to manage them.
The company programmers create this dashboard for your convenience and provide it to you for free

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