Astrolabe: Introduction

Easy forecasting of Forex market has always been the dream of the lovers of this market. Therefore, the modern Andishan Jay has programmed and developed astrolabe software in order to provide the possibility of predicting the price of Forex currency pairs.
To reduce errors, an artificial intelligence system has been used to predict future data.

Management Summary

Business Description

The astrolabe is desired in the human eliminator in performing the mating steps! Using other users does not require risky analysis, commenting with friends, checking indicators and news and even creating secrets manually. The trader earns his profit simply by investing in the astrolabe and benefits from it. Of course, it should be noted that the astrolabe system can only work with the ability to send notifications (Alert) and leave the creation and creation to users.

Opportunity and strategy

In Iran and also in the whole world, there are many trading systems that are mostly based on human predictions or static algorithms that fail over time. But there are only a few AI-based systems for predicting currency pairs in the world that are very expensive.
Astrolabe is a similar system that can easily maintain itself in the Iranian and world markets.
The main strategy of Astrolabe is to eliminate manual trades and reduce risk, as well as capture the Forex market and its trades in Iran.

astrolabe opportunity and strategy
target market

The main target market for the astrolabe software is investors and traders of the Forex market.
Therefore, any person or company or government agency can use this software to avoid inflation or even for more profit

Competitive Advantages

Among the most important advantages of Astrolabe over its other competitors:
1- Guaranteeing the investor’s losses by formally concluding a contract
2- Relying on artificial intelligence to reduce losses and transaction risk
3- Has a management dashboard to view transactions and reports instantly on the website
4- 40% to 80% annual profit to the investor

astrolabe competitive Advantages

Vision of Astrolabe

The project is now complete and only the customer panel section, which is essentially a web dashboard, remains. Many foreign customers and domestic organizations now use this software.
The most important perspectives can be mentioned in foreign exchange with the help of investors’ foreign exchange reserves. Therefore, it is not only beneficial for the individual and the holder of this software, but also for the country.
In more perspectives, this trading platform can also be changed to a broker with automated trading capability, which requires large initial capital to set up.

Mission of Astrolabe

The beneficiaries of the astrolabe software are Modern Andishan J Company and the investors of this software. Investments can be formed in two ways:
1- Obtaining capital from the investor and concluding a contract and paying interest annually
2- Investing in this project for infrastructure development
First case:
$ 1,000 or more will be attracted to you as an investor. Astrolab software trades with that capital for one year and you are given a transaction report. After one year, you will receive a minimum of 40% (if earned) and a maximum of 80% (if earned) interest (ie 2 to 4 times the bank interest). If the profit is less than 40%, you will also receive it. If the transaction has been loss-making and the robot has not made a profit and has also made a loss, the original money in the form of currency (dollars, to maintain the value of the initial capital) will be returned to the investor’s service. If the profit is more than 80%, the profit balance will be received in favor of Modern Andishan Jay.
Second case:
The company needs to invest to develop the infrastructure and add new capabilities to the software. Earn 20% to 50% of the project profit for 5 years and the original money will be returned to them after the end of the partnership.(Due to changes in currency prices and changes in the company’s needs, we are sorry to write the amount; contact us to find out)